PSC Education Board Result Bangladesh 2023

PSC Education Board Result Bangladesh 2023. Bangladesh education minister Nahid Hasan will hand over PSC Result 2023 to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. PSC exam results in Bangladesh will be published on 30th December 2023. The PSC examinations began on November 20. A total of 3,230,288 examinees will sit for the examinations this year. Of them, 2,930,573 will sit for PSC and 299,715 for Ebtedayee examinations.

PSC Education Board Result Bangladesh 2023

The examinations will be held in 7,194 centers, including 11 overseas centers. The tests will start at 11:00 am and end at 1:30 pm. Specially-abled examinees will get extra 20 minutes for answering like in past years, said Primary and mass education minister Mustafizur Rahman. In the wake of massive allegations of question paper leaks, the government has introduced region-based question papers this year, a first of its kind in the country’s history of board exams.

The Examine and their guardians who are here for the PSC Result, We Are Providing All available ways which will help you to Check your PSC result 2023 Fast and Free. You can follow any one of more ways you can find here for checking the Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2023. Remember that; some Information may Require to Check the PSC Exam Result 2023 from All Methods.

How to Check PSC Result in 2023?

Do you want to check the PSC Result 2023? You are welcome here. Get the latest ways to Check your Primary School Certificate Exam Result very fast. Which one you may use to check the Result that entirely depends on you.

PSC Result 2023– www. DPE.Gov.BD:

If you fail to Check PSC Result 2023 from the Teletalk Primary Result Portal, You can Now check your Result from the Directorate of Primary Education Official (Government) Web site. The System of the PSC Exam Result Check Government Site of DPE Result is similar to the DPE Result Check from Teletalk DPE Online Portal. If you already read the Previous Point Carefully, we hope that you have successfully understood and gained completed the Answer to the Question of How to Check PSC Exam Result 2023 Online or from the Internet.

Primary Education Board Result:

The Primary and Equivalent Exam Result is controlled and maintained by the Directorate of Primary Education and Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. There is no Primary Education Board available in Bangladesh. Maximum People do not know this.

PSC Result 2023 Full Institute by Institute Code:

The Institute Management team or Head of the Institute (Principal) can Download their Full Institute Result on a single Page. Every Institute (School) has a Quique Number (EIIN) which is Required to Download your Full Institute Result. It is the age of modern technology. All the Processes will complete within a Few Minutes.

The poor Examine who Don’t have a Mobile Phone or Internet Device, this process is very helpful for these. There are too many areas are available where Internet Service too rare and the people of this Location fail to use the Internet. Simple logic is available here that the Primary Students (PSC Examine) don’t use the Mobile Phone.

PSC Result 2023 Full Mark Sheet Download:

You can Download your Full Mark Sheet with the various system. We Recommend You Download it from the Directorate of Primary Education Official Website DPE.GOV.BD. That means some of the Institute Allow only the Bangla Mark sheet and some of them allow it in English. Which one may you require?

If you have a Computer or Laptop, without the Internet, You can make the Mark sheet of PSC Result 2023 with Microsoft office by collecting the Format and Data. Send an SMS from your Mobile with the valid info to download the Mark Sheet Plain Text Copy.

PSC Result 2023 Point Table:

Maximum Examine doesn’t know How to Make a GPA in the Primary School Certificate Exam Result. The Point Table of PSC Result Making is the same as the Other Public Exam like JSC, SSC, and HSC. The All Subject contains 100 Full Marks that you already know by reading the above info we have added to this page. Get the below list below and make a clear concept of the PSC Result 2023 Point table.

Desire Marks Grade Point Letter Grade

Desire MarksGrade PointLetter Grade
33-39 1.00D

The Exam Controller and Management count and Prepare GPA for the above Table. Imagine, You are an Examine of the PSC Exam 2023, and You have grossed the Marks: Bangla 71, English 82, Mathematics 90, General Science 65, Social Science 77, and Islamic Studies 75. Your Average Grade Point (GPA) is 4.25 and your Letter Grade is “A”.

PSC Result 2023 Broad Challenge:

Hi Guys, We are Very Sorry to inform you that, there is no Broad Challenge Opportunity (Re-Scrutiny) available on the PSC Exam Result. All the System is Powered, controlled, and Maintenance by the Directorate of Primary Education and Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. The Exam Result Re-Scrutiny features are available on the JSC Result and Higher Public Exam under the Education Board Bangladesh.

No more words require describing the PSC Result. We hope that you have successfully understood the Primary School Certificate Examination 2023. If you have any questions, or, require knowing more, Please inform us anywhere.